• Design and Style
  • The WWW Consortium HTML Page
    The Yale Style Manual
    WebPage Design for Designers
    CNET's Builder.com
    HTML Artistry
    Handy Hints
    Seven Deadly WPD Sins 1998 article, but still valid!
    Web Pages That Suck(dot-com)
    Professor Eichers' Do's and Don'ts
    World Cup Site Disses Mac Users
    Browsing Around for New Targets
    Bad Design Trend: IE-Only Pages

  • Domain/Hosting
  • Registrars
    WHOIS Search
    Generic TLD's
    Country TLD's
    List of Proceedings under UDRP
    URLs in Urdu?
    $8.95 Domain Names!
    Public DNS Service
    The List: Web Hosts
    Web Host Index and a Web Host Directory
    Web Host Discussions
    Stars Fight for (Domain) Names: Madonna - Julia Roberts
    Viper Fan Site Fights to Keep Domain
    Anti-Cybersquatting Act Hurting Little Guy
    UDRP Needs Work Too
    Microsoft Evicts Microsof
    eToys vs. etoy
    Satire Site Stands Up to GWB
    Pay Your Domain Bill: JP Morgan
    Lieberman Proposes Sex-Related TLD
    The $7.5M Domain Name
    The Best Domain Names Long Gone

  • Graphics
  • New QuickTime 6 Supports MPEG-4 and JPEG 2000!
    About GIFs and JPEGs
    The 216 Browser-safe color palette
    Is it safe?
    JPEG 2000 Web site
    216 colors no longer "safe"?

  • Numbers
  • Average Browser Size Grid
    Web-Related Statistics
    Net & Web History, Growth

  • News
  • Web Developer News

  • Misc
  • Web Inventor Bemoans Ads
    WWW: Not So Linked After All
    Griper's Portals
    Presidential HTML
    What is XML?
    Special Character Reference

  • Legal
  • Internet extends long arm of the law
    Anti-Abortion Site Declared Illegal
    Website Legal "Audit"
    Internet Lawyer Great Tech-Law Articles!
    WIPO's Arbitration and Mediation Center
    Is Linking Legal?
    Judge OK's "Deep-Linking"
    Thumbnails OK, but not Inlinking
    Danish Court Outlaws Deep-Linking
    Meta Tag Legalities
    Invisible Text Lawsuit
    Domain Names Aren't Property
    Microsoft Innovative? (yeah right)
    Internet scam artist faces huge fine

  • Downloads
  • Explorer - Navigator - Opera - iCab
    FTP Client for Windows - Macintosh
    PC Image-Editing: PaintShop Pro
    Mac Image-Editing: Adobe ImageStyler
    Mac Image-Conversion: Graphic Converter
    CGI Scripts


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