2004 Summer Oral English Training Course
(Temporary Teaching Website)

Well, by the time you finish this training course,
oral English to you will be like a piece of cake I'm cooking now, at least I wish so...

Instructor: Dr. Ken Cheng



1. Different stroke for different folks
2. Eyes are bigger than one's stomach
3. Bark is worse than one's bite
4. If the shoe fits, wear it.
Money talks.
1. Shape up or ship out.
2. All is well that ends well.
3. The early bird catches the worm.
4. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
5. Spread oneself too thin.
第三周 (with audio link hereafter 文本内附语音链接)
1. Make ends meet.
2. Pull strings.
3. Mind one’s P’s and Q’s.
4. Paint the town red.
5. Kick up one’s heels.
第四周 (with audio link hereafter 文本内附语音链接)
1. Bury the hatchet.
2. Make a splash.
3. Have the world by the tail.
4. For a song.
5. At the end of one's rope. (New 07/23/2004)

新闻播讲(慢速听力训练 VOA News broadcasting at reduced speed)

1. 2004年06月23日新闻: Tuberculosis and Women    (语音文本 Script)
2. 2004年06月08日新闻: Hybrids    (语音文本 Script)
3. 2004年06月12日新闻: Ronald Regan    (语音文本 Script)
4. 2004年06月11日新闻: Jobs and the USA    (语音文本 Script)
1. 2004年06月26日新闻: Anti-Doping Agency Seeks to Ban Four Top Runners    (语音文本 Script)
2. 2004年06月01日新闻: Calls for a 'Gene Revolution'    (语音文本 Script)
3. 2004年06月05日新闻: New Government in Iraq    (语音文本 Script)
4. 2004年06月15日新闻: Fish Farming.    (语音文本 Script)
5. 2004年05月08日新闻: Prisoner Abuse in Iraq.    (语音文本 Script)
1. 2004年06月25日新闻: World Wealth Report    (语音文本 Script)
2. 2004年06月28日新闻: WHO Aims for Safety in the Use of Traditional Medicines    (语音文本 Script)
3. 2004年07月02日新闻: Up to 1.6 Million Female Employees Could Be Included in Sex-Discrimination Case Against Wal-Mart    (语音文本 Script)
4. 2004年06月21日新闻: Commercial Rocket Makes Space History.    (语音文本 Script)

新闻播讲(常速听力训练 VOA News broadcasting at normal speed hereafter)

1. 2004年07月14日新闻: Report Faults Britain's Pre-War Intelligence on Iraq    (语音文本 Script)
2. 2004年07月14日新闻: Iraq Suffers Bloodiest Day Since Handover of Power    (语音文本 Script)
3. 2004年07月13日新闻: UN Envoy Criticizes Israel, Arafat for Ignoring Road Map    (语音文本 Script)
4. 2004年07月13日新闻: Bulgarian Hostage Reported Executed by Militants in Iraq    (语音文本 Script)
5. 2004年07月12日新闻: Iraq Threatens Insurgents With Harsh Punishment    (语音文本 Script) (New 07/23/2004)

End of the session 短期培训课程结束

Have a great summer break!