Advanced Education

Dr.Ken Chen/Cheng

Engineering & Science :


California State University     California, USA
( Image analysis and processing, web-based applications, data base,computer architecture )
Scheduled research field: Stegnography - security for image transmission over Internet
Academic Advisor: Dr. Demetrios Michalopoulos, Professor, Department Chair

Dec. 2000

West Virginia University     West Virginia, USA
( Image analysis and processing, machine vision, control theory, algorithm development )
Dissertation Title: "Optical Gradation for Crushed Limestone Aggregates."
Academic Advisor: Dr. Larry E. Banta, Professor, Vice Department Chair

Dec. 1996

The University of Akron     Oiho, USA
( Automatic control and systems, system modeling and identification )
Thesis Title: "Parameter Set Estimation of Systems with Parametric and Nonparametric Uncertainty."
Academic Advisor: Dr. Celal Batur , Professor, Department Chair

July, 1985

Xiangtan University     Hunan, China
( Dynamics, hydraulics, etc. )

Arts & Literature:
May, 1994

Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute     Alberta, Canada
( Enhancement of communication in English. Life in community, etc. )
President & chief instructor: Rev. Ron Mayan
Academic Dean & chief instructor: Dr. Vernon Raaflaub

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Brief Introduction of My Advisors:

Dr. Michalopoulos

Dr. Demetrios Michalopoulos
Professor / Department Chair
Ph.D., University of Southern California, USA.
M.S., University of Southern California, USA,
Pattern recognition, image processing, graphics,
intelligent systems, and artificial intelligence application.

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Dr. Banta

Dr. Larry E. Banta
Professor / Vice Department Chair
Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, 1987
M.S., Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, 1981
B.A. Physics, Kalamazoo College, USA, 1973
Machine Vision, Image analysis and processing, Instrumentation
and control of processes and machinery,Robotics and Automation,
Industrial Energy Management and Conservation
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Dr. Batur

Dr. Celal Batur
Professor / Department Chair
Ph.D., The University of Leicester, England, 1976.
M.S., Technical University of Istanbul, Turkey, 1970.
B.S., Technical University of Istanbul, Turkey, 1967.
Self-tuning adaptive control strategies for process control, intelligent
control. Experimental system identification and control techniques
applied to crystal growth, polymer processing and fluid physics.
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Rev. Ron Mayan
MA, Concordia Lutheran Seminary, Canada
Bible studies, etc

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Dr. Raaflaub

Dr. Vernon Raaflaub
D.D., Concordia Lutheran Seminary, Canada
Cultural anthropology, Hebrew studies,
survey of Bible, exegetical theology

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