Professional Interests
Work experience

    Major science & engineering graduate-level courses taken (ME, EE, CS):

    - Process identification & computer control (ME)
    - Linear control systems (EE)
    - Optimal control theory (EE)
    - Feedback control of dynamic systems (ME)
    - Stochastic systems (EE)
    - Advance control theory (ME)
    - Integrated flexible manufacturing systems (ME)
    - Digital Control of dynamic systems (EE)
    - Expert systems in control & manufacturing (ME)
    - Neural & fuzzy control systems (ME)
    - Control system design (ME)
    - Digital image processing (EE)
    - Computer Aided Design (ME)
    - Object Oriented C++ Programming (EE)
    - Low-level Languages: Assembly IA32 and MIPS (CS)
    - Computer Architecture I and II (CS)
    - JAVA Programming (CS)
    - Visual Basic Programming (CS)
    - Internet Programming (CS)
    - Programming Concepts and Fundamental Data Structure (CS)
    - File Structures and Database Systems (CS)
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