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  Ken Chen (also go by "Ken Cheng" in USA and CANADA) was born in Chong Qing , Sichuan, P.R. China. He entered Xiangtan University in 1981, Hunan, where he studied engineering, graduating with a BS in 1985. He then worked as a production engineer in a manufacturing company, Chengdu, Sichuan, until March 1992 when he got a chance to travel to Canada.

 In western Canada, in most of his time Ken lived in Camrose , a rural, peaceful small town, and attended Canadian Lutheran College where he improved his English skills and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. In 1994, Ken enrolled in a MS program in engineering at the University of Akron, Ohio, USA and graduated in 1996. From there, he came immediately to West Virginia University to pursue a Ph.D degree in engineering. Upon graduation from WVU, Ken planned to pursue a research or teaching position in machine vision or automatic controls.

  After graduation, Ken worked as a R&D engineer in an x-ray imaging system manufacturing company in California for over a year. Afterwards, Ken worked as an engineer at another company, while part-time studying pursuing Master degree in computer science specialized in image processing and web application until Aug. 2003.

 After living in North America for nearly 12 years, attracted by the fast economic growth, Ken chose to go back to China-his dear motherland in further pursuit of his career. Currently, He is a faculty member at an university in eastern China. Ken enjoys teaching and doing research very much, and communication with students also brings Ken a lot of joy.

  At work, Ken is a good communicator, planner and organizer who enjoys teamwork. He takes initiative with projects while demonstrating adaptabilityand professionalism.

  Off work, Ken enjoys a wide variety of things, among them are visiting, traveling, camping, attending concerts, photography, internet technology, history, geography, and simultaneous interpretation , etc.

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