Useful/Help Links

  • Design and Style
  • The WWW Consortium HTML Page
    The Yale Style Manual
    WebPage Design for Designers
    HTML Artistry
    Handy Hints
    Seven Deadly WPD Sins 1998 article, but still valid!
    Web Pages That Suck(dot-com)
    Professor Eichers' Do's and Don'ts
    World Cup Site Disses Mac Users
    Browsing Around for New Targets
    Bad Design Trend: IE-Only Pages

  • Domain/Hosting
  • Registrars
    WHOIS Search
    Generic TLD's
    Country TLD's
    List of Proceedings under UDRP
    URLs in Urdu?
    $8.95 Domain Names!
    Public DNS Service
    The List: Web Hosts
    Web Host Index and a Web Host Directory
    Web Host Discussions
    Stars Fight for (Domain) Names: Madonna - Julia Roberts
    Viper Fan Site Fights to Keep Domain
    Anti-Cybersquatting Act Hurting Little Guy
    UDRP Needs Work Too
    Microsoft Evicts Microsof
    eToys vs. etoy
    Satire Site Stands Up to GWB
    Pay Your Domain Bill: JP Morgan
    Lieberman Proposes Sex-Related TLD
    The $7.5M Domain Name
    The Best Domain Names Long Gone

  • Graphics
  • New QuickTime 6 Supports MPEG-4 and JPEG 2000!
    About GIFs and JPEGs
    The 216 Browser-safe color palette
    Is it safe?
    JPEG 2000 Web site
    216 colors no longer "safe"?

  • Numbers
  • Average Browser Size Grid
    Web-Related Statistics
    Net & Web History, Growth

  • News
  • Web Developer News

  • Misc
  • Web Inventor Bemoans Ads
    WWW: Not So Linked After All
    Griper's Portals
    Presidential HTML
    What is XML?
    Special Character Reference

  • Legal
  • Internet extends long arm of the law
    Anti-Abortion Site Declared Illegal
    Website Legal "Audit"
    Internet Lawyer Great Tech-Law Articles!
    WIPO's Arbitration and Mediation Center
    Is Linking Legal?
    Judge OK's "Deep-Linking"
    Thumbnails OK, but not Inlinking
    Danish Court Outlaws Deep-Linking
    Meta Tag Legalities
    Invisible Text Lawsuit
    Domain Names Aren't Property
    Microsoft Innovative? (yeah right)
    Internet scam artist faces huge fine

  • Downloads
  • Explorer - Navigator - Opera - iCab
    FTP Client for Windows - Macintosh
    PC Image-Editing: PaintShop Pro
    Mac Image-Editing: Adobe ImageStyler
    Mac Image-Conversion: Graphic Converter
    CGI Scripts


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