Course offered


Video Signal Processing (Postgraduate)

Stochastic Processes (Postgraduate)

Digital Image Processing

Control Engineering Principium (International class)

Engineering Mathematics

Internet Programming

Computer Security and Encryption

Computer Networks

Introduction to Control Engineering

Automated Control Theory

Introduction to System Engineering

Object-Oriented Programming in C++

DSP Technology and Applications

Artifitial Inteligence Theory in Control Systems

Integrated and Distributed Control Systems

------ ENGLISH ------

Advanced Interpreting / Simultaneous Interpreting (Postgraduate)

Professional Interpreting (Postgraduate)

Engineering Science & Technology Interpreting / Translation (Postgraduate)

New TOEFL iBT Speaking English

IELTS Speaking English

Intermediate Course of Oral Interpretation

Watching,Listening and Speaking for News in English

Simultaneous Interpretation for News in English (year 2004)

American Idiomatic Spoken English

Oral English in Foreign Trade Business

University English: Intensive Reading (Level 2)
University English: Intensive Reading (Level 3)

University English: Listening and Comprehension (Level 2)
University English: Listening and Comprehension (Level 3)